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Europe - Open Your Heart (Official Video)

Katterbach Fitness Center is offering a special Yoga class for two on Valentine's Day. Sign up for $5 (or with a ticket book) and bring your Valentine at no cost. We will have a fun class with special partner exercises, love meditation music and other special surprises. Come open your heart with us on Valentine's Day with your loved one.

Europe - Open Your Heart (Official Video)

When this valve opens, blood goes from your heart into your aorta (the largest artery in your body) and on to the rest of your body. When your aortic valve closes, it keeps blood from flowing the wrong way back into your heart. This cycle repeats with every heartbeat.

You might have trouble with your aortic valve because of a problem you were born with. Or, it could be from wear and tear over the years, or because of another health condition, like a heart infection.

With one type of operation, called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), you get a thin tube that runs through a small opening in your leg and up to your heart. Your doctor uses that tube to put in the new valve. 041b061a72

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