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They're lightning fast, dead easy to customize to your preferred intensity, and very effective. In fact, they're far more effective than the Totally Rad advertising might lead you to believe. In the advertising and demos, I think they actually apply the actions too heavily. Customize them to half or a third of the default opacity for a super-light touch and they're FANTASTIC.

ACTION PHOTOSHOP pro retouch 2.0


(I'm like you--I prefer a soft, light touch with any retouching actions. To my eye, retouching isn't supposed to require suspension of disbelief--the moment a picture looks like it's been obviously brushed, the result is often worse than doing nothing at all.)

Basically, the "Deblotch" and "Skin Foundation" actions in the series implement a lightning fast, one-click frequency separation regime on your behalf: "Deblotch" for the low-frequency, "Skin Foundation" and/or "Magic Eraser" for the high frequency detail, with a few easy options on each side to fine-tune for your subject's specific skin tone and your composition.

You can rocket through portraits with these actions, landing very high quality, natural results in even desperate cases. Severe acne? Crazy sunburns? Stretch marks? No problem. Click the deblotch action, brush-in with a big soft brush, tweak opacity, you're done in 10 seconds.

I think FS is the most effective foundational technique for retouching skin toward a natural result. It's definitely what the pros finishing for Vogue covers are doing. (I realize that's not necessarily your goal, but they do usually achieve clean, flattering results.)

But I also think you're right about one real problem with FS: it takes time and lots of experience to establish the specific frequency "bands" most effectively tuned to your specific portrait. Even with Affinity Photo's helpful, built-in FS setup, you still have to establish your detail levels before you start brushing, and it can be difficult to decide what thresholds will be most effective--especially on the low-frequency side of the divide. Most retouchers who use FS day-in-day-out build Photoshop actions around detail thresholds common to their preferred subjects and compositions, so that they can just hit an action button and get right to brushing.

This is another easy one-click PS action to set up. Just create a red-channel mask (which will favor adding grain to skin tones but not to vegetation, skies, or shadows) then run either the noise filter or ACR as a filter and dial in grain level / size / roughness to even out any texture your prior retouching left in play.

What's the best camera for shooting sports and action? Fast continuous shooting, reliable autofocus and great battery life are just three of the most important factors. In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting sports and action, and recommended the best.

I found less use for the Hair actions, which add shine to brunette or blonde hair, but the Lips actions were great for removing that unnatural yellow tint in teeth that digital cameras are prone to producing and for making lips glisten naturally using the Luscious Lips action.

Founded in 2007 by professional photographer Doug Boutwell, Totally Rad! Inc. makes legendary workflow and editing software for photographers. Their actions, plug-ins, and presets for Photoshop and Lightroom are considered essential by many of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the world.

Totally Rad's Photoshop Action sets, TRA1 and TRA2, have helped thousands of photographers take their images to the next level. They offer over 100 actions that give you robust control over basic adjustments like color, contrast, saturation, or tone, and extremely advanced editing that includes portrait retouching, vintage camera effects, black and white conversions, and more. Learn more

There's no mystery behind why Totally Rad is an industry leader in effects and retouching software; since 2007, they've been designing some of the most powerful Photoshop and Lightroom tools we've ever seen. We've tried hundreds of actions from a dozen other companies, but we keep coming back to Totally Rad's addicting effects and intuitive workflow. If you're intersted in taking your photos to the next level, start with RadLab, it's so fantastic, you won't believe it until you try it for yourself. And if you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out their community blog, it's full of great business advice and examples of how other photographers are using Totally Rad to create magical images.

Earth Oliver is a commercial retoucher with decades of industry experience, working with many of the world's largest brands, including Google, Nike, Electronic Arts, Sony and countless others. When not busy crafting pixels, Earth is also a technical consultant for clients, studios and agencies. He helps optimize and modernize their workflows with the most up to date tools and techniques. In addition to his love for image editing, he also has a passion for documentary photography, creating generative music, and getting pounded in shorebreak.

Pro Retouch 2.0 is a set of actions by Totally Rad. It costs less than Portraiture at $99, and includes other actions to touch up and enhance eyes, hair, lips, etc. I use the De-Blotch medium action on almost all my newborn clients, and occasionally with family, headshot, and maternity clients.

All the actions in Pro Retouch create their own layer in Photoshop, so you will need to manually brush it on where you want it to affect your image. Brushing it on each image can be a little tedious if you have a lot of images to edit. The extra work is worth it to me because I like the polish it gives to my images, plus it evens out skin tone and tones down hots spots in the highlights.

I will note that Pro Retouch does come with more aggressive skin smoothing actions that may work better in this case to smooth out the acne without having to spot heal them by hand. The downside of those aggressive actions is that the skin loses a lot of texture, and I prefer to preserve the skin texture as much as possible while touching up the skin.

If I had to choose between Portraiture and Pro Retouch, I would choose Pro Retouch. It is half the price, and comes with other actions to enhance eyes, make hair look shinier, whiten teeth, and more. I love the look that the De-Blotch action gives to newborn skin and appreciate that it also evens out the skin tone and tones down the highlights for me. This is worth the extra time it takes for me to brush it on the skin.

Presented, in all modesty, as The most advanced and powerful photoshop panel ever created, I could not resist reviewing the Retouch Pro Panel 2.0 for Photoshop distributed by NEXTUS SRL, an Italian company.

Overall,because of the commercial promise that proudly announced The most advanced and powerful photoshop panel, I am not convinced by this new panel and if I had to recommend a dedicated beauty panel with many options, I would tend to recommend the excellent Pro Workflow X ($199).

From billboards, to magazine covers, to social media advertising, beauty retouching is in high demand. Master a professional approach to retouching and learn the nuances of working with people and portraits in Photoshop.

The retouching process can be long and complicated. Dodging and burning, coloring, sharpening, and blemish removal are all important parts of the edit. So where do you start? We walk you through a complete beauty portrait retouch while showing you every step, in-depth.

Great editing not only involves knowing what techniques to use, but when and how to apply them. Follow along as we show you a complete portrait retouch, from the planning stage all the way to exporting for the web.

If you want to be a professional retoucher, mastering the art of frequency separation can help you get there. Learn how to separate the colors and tones of an image from the texture and details. Then edit them independently of one another, for perfect skin textures and smooth tones.

Not only will you learn our professional retouching workflow, but we also include two custom Photoshop Actions that will help you work faster than ever! Try our Frequency Separation Action which allows you to edit skin color and skin texture separately and then use our Sharpening Action to enhance the details in an image before you export!

Great course, thank you! I tried to retouch photos by myself and spent a lot of time on it and the result was really low. I realized that if I want to get a high-quality retouch, I have to spend at least half a year studying how to do it properly. I decided to consult professionals from . It was my first experience and I was impressed with their work approach. If you have no time or lack of experience, and you need a high-quality photo or video retouching, I recommend them.

Amazing as always, not a lot new for those who already watched Frequency Separation tutorial for example, but it pretty much covers everything, use it if you need practice or a reminder, but if you are getting started this is a all-in-one retouching tutorial that will teach you all that needs to be known! Aaron as always the best.

As always, this is a great tutorial that summarizes the entire process of high-end retouching from beginning to end. For the PHLEARN Pros who have been around for a while, this is a condensed version of the entire retouching course that you could use as a review.

Aaron, another great tutorial. It does help explain the purpose and role of frequency separation better. I would like you to explain, when you are doing the markup, not only what you are looking to retouch , but WHY. I seem to look at an image and can only see about half the things you pick out.

Master a complete professional retouching workflow. Learn every single tool, technique, and step required to make your subjects look great, and to impress your clients. From exposure adjustments and blemish removal, to Frequency Separation and sharpening, we take you through the entire process from start to finish while demonstrating the best order to perform each task. This course will help you retouch images faster and more efficiently than ever! 350c69d7ab

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