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Sequestro No Cibermundo Pdf Downloadl

Sequestro No Cibermundo Pdf Download

Sequestro No Cibermundo (Cyberworld Kidnapping) is a Brazilian novel by Marco Tulio Costa, published by FTD in 2003. The novel explores the dark side of the internet and the dangers of online addiction, as well as the importance of family and communication. The novel is aimed at young adults and has been used as a reading material in schools.


Plot Summary

The novel tells the story of a middle-class family that drifts apart due to lack of time and attention. The father is a busy lawyer, the mother is a studious teacher, and the son, Lucas, is a teenager who spends most of his time playing an online game called Cyberworld. Lucas becomes obsessed with the game and neglects his studies and social life. He also develops a crush on a mysterious girl named Luna, who he meets in the game.

One day, Lucas receives an invitation from Luna to join her in a special mission in Cyberworld. He accepts without hesitation and enters the game. However, he soon realizes that he has fallen into a trap set by a hacker named Black Angel, who kidnaps him and holds him hostage in a virtual reality. Black Angel demands a ransom from Lucas' parents, threatening to kill him if they do not pay.

Lucas' parents are shocked and desperate when they discover what has happened to their son. They try to contact the police and the game company, but they face many difficulties and obstacles. They also realize how much they have neglected their son and how little they know about him. They decide to enter Cyberworld themselves, with the help of a friend who is an expert in computer security, and try to rescue Lucas from Black Angel's clutches.

Themes and Messages

The novel explores several themes and messages that are relevant to the contemporary society and culture. Some of them are:

  • The dangers of online addiction and cybercrime. The novel shows how easy it is to lose oneself in the virtual world and become vulnerable to hackers and predators. It also warns about the risks of sharing personal information and trusting strangers online.

  • The importance of family and communication. The novel portrays how a lack of communication and affection can lead to alienation and misunderstanding among family members. It also shows how a crisis can bring a family closer together and make them appreciate each other more.

  • The value of friendship and teamwork. The novel depicts how Lucas' friends help him cope with his problems and support him in his quest. It also illustrates how Lucas' parents cooperate with each other and with their friend to save their son. The novel emphasizes that no one can face challenges alone and that teamwork is essential for success.

How to Download Sequestro No Cibermundo Pdf

If you are interested in reading Sequestro No Cibermundo, you can download the pdf version of the novel from various sources online. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of the files you download. Some of them may be corrupted, incomplete, or infected with viruses. Some of them may also violate the author's rights and intellectual property.

One of the safest and easiest ways to download Sequestro No Cibermundo pdf is to use Google Books. Google Books is a service that allows you to search, preview, and read books online. You can also download some books for free or buy them from Google Play Books. To download Sequestro No Cibermundo pdf from Google Books, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to [Google Books] website.

  • Type "Sequestro No Cibermundo" in the search box and press enter.

  • Select the book by Marco Tulio Costa from the results list.

  • Click on the "Preview" button below the book cover.

  • On the left side of the screen, you will see a menu with different options. Click on "Download PDF".

  • A new window will open asking you to sign in with your Google account. If you have one, enter your email and password. If you do not have one, create one for free.

  • After signing in, you will see a confirmation message saying that the book is ready to download. Click on "Download".

  • The pdf file of the book will be downloaded to your device. You can open it with any pdf reader or print it if you prefer.

Enjoy reading Sequestro No Cibermundo and learning more about the cyberworld!

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