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Mmana Gal Pro.zipl 'LINK'

  • CounterMMANA-GAL basic downloaded*:English version 191488 times.

  • Russian version 120029 times.

  • Deutsch version 23743 times.

* since version return toindex Introduction Acknowledgments from Igor, DL2KQ: Iwould like to thank Alex, RZ1ZK, for providing me information aboutJapanese MMANA and his help in the first steps of translations Japanesemmana.exe file. I also thank Serge UA6LGO for his big help intranslations of Japanese words and expressions.

Mmana Gal Pro.zipl

My Dockerfile looks like this:FROM ubuntu:focal AS winebaseRUN dpkg --add-architecture i386RUN apt-get updateRUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive TZ="Europe/Stockholm" apt-get -y install tzdataRUN apt-get install -y apt-utils && apt-get install -y unzip && apt-get install -y wine32COPY /home/wine/COPY wine-selector /home/wine/RUN groupadd -g 1000 wineRUN useradd -d /home/wine -s /bin/bash -m wine -u 1000 -g 1000RUN mkdir -p /home/wine/.wine/drive_c/MMANA-GALBasic3/datafilesRUN unzip /home/wine/ -d /home/wineRUN chown -R wine:wine /home/wineRUN chmod -R ug+x /home/wineUSER wineENV HOME /home/wineCMD /home/wine/wine-selector

Everything must be on one line otherwise it will not work. As seen in the Dockerfile the CMD line point to a file called wine-selector. This is where the "magic" happens. This file must in the same directory as the Dockerfile together with the file. The later has to be downloaded from their web and renamed to the zip-filename used in the script which is 350c69d7ab

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