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3D Paraglider Torrent

Your ideas are realy good but I think it's not a good thing to add a lot of configurations in a game beacause the new gamers could be lost and the game could be to big for some computers. And this game could also be a game for people who are not paraglider pilots and too much information could scare them. But maybe do two versions with a complementary version more developed for pilots jwho have a good computer ! (sorry for my english)

3D Paraglider Torrent

immersion in the atmosphere 3D paraglider, experience paragliding and catch the tailwind when entering the creek. Players have the opportunity to fly a special paraglider over the beautiful landscape of the environment presented in the project. Maneuver between the air currents and gain speed without losing altitude and try to fly as far as possible, experiencing a simulation of gliding very similar to a realistic flight.

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