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A Heads Up: The Dark Side Of Skype

Liver problems: yellowing of your skin or the whites of your eyes; severe nausea or vomiting; pain on the right side of your stomach area (abdomen); dark urine (tea colored); or bleeding or bruising more easily than normal.

A Heads Up: The Dark Side Of Skype


Avoid placing your lighting directly above you, as this can cause some dark and distracting shadows that draw attention away from your face. Straight-on lighting is best, especially if you have a window with natural light on your side to fill out your shadows.

This is more of a stylistic choice, but avoid harsh side lighting for video when you can. Again, this causes dark shadows on your face and can convey a darker or more solemn mood during your video call. Bright and balanced is best!

Furthermore, it also perpetuates the myth that the media is the on the side of truth, justice and "the light." Journalists certainly aspire to be truthtellers and shedders of light, but they fail as often as they succeed. As often as not, they are busy shading the truth and telling stories the way they want to tell them -- nearly as much as we are. I think it is in journalists' best interest to refer to PR as the dark side, not ours. So let's not continue to play the game.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier gave a speech at the ceremony to present the UNESCO World Heritage Certificate for the ShUM Sites in Speyer, Worms and Mainz on 1 February in Mainz: "To protect Jewish life in the present and the future we have to keep alive the remembrance of its history. And we have to focus on ruptures and contradictions, bright and dark sides. We must never slacken our efforts to preserve the remembrance of the Shoah."

"So when I got involved with Rdio and I started really discovering this space, the idea of a curated product totally did not turn me on whatsoever," he said. "But of course, as we launch curated products I have to start using them, get familiar with them and all of a sudden I've flipped to the dark side."

The goal would be to get the light just above your head coming from directly in front of you or slightly to one side or the other. To add to the professional effect, you could try bouncing some light onto the darker side of your face.

As the Clone Wars continued, the growing presence of the dark side of the Force began to concern the Jedi Council. Ti was among those on the body who began sensing the looming threat of the Sith, the ancient enemies of the Jedi.[35] The Sith became the focus of the Council's interest when they received a decades-old distress signal from the long-lost ship of Master Sifo-Dyas, which Master Koon authenticated on a mission to investigate. Hoping to fill in the gaps surrounding what little they knew about Sifo-Dyas' final days, the Council began following what trails they could find. Ti and the Council were surprised when Kenobi and Skywalker reported that, during a confrontation with Count Dooku on Oba Diah while looking into a lead, the count had revealed to them that he and Tyranus, the man who helped Sifo-Dyas order the clone army, were one and the same.[34]

As Fisto helped Ti to her feet, Yoda walked off from the Council in disillusionment. Ki-Adi-Mundi proposed to Ti and the others that Yoda was under the influence of the Sith Lord. Kenobi argued against Mundi's suggestion, but Yoda himself agreed and feared that he was under the manipulation of the dark side. After medical treatment failed to discover the cause of his problem, Yoda again heard Jinn's voice and was told to go to Dagobah to learn more. While on Dagobah, Yoda experienced a harrowing vision of the destruction of the Jedi Order in the Cave of Evil. Among the visions Yoda saw of the Jedi being slaughtered, he saw one in which Ti was impaled through her back by a blue-bladed lightsaber as she meditated. He also learned the name of the Sith Lord the Council was searching for: Sidious.[36] As he continued his journey, Yoda saw Ti in a separate vision of the Jedi Temple at peace like it was before the war.[37] When the Grand Master returned, he gave the Council a report on what he discovered.[38]

At the Council's inquiry, Ventress confirmed their suspicions that she and Vos had become lovers and that she had taught him to embrace the dark side solely as a means of killing Dooku. Despite her attempts to explain herself, Windu argued that she had corrupted Vos, but she fired back that he would never have gone to her unless the Council hadn't sent him on his mission. An uncomfortable silence fell before the Council finished their questioning and Yoda sent the Jedi Knights and Ventress outside so the Council members could speak alone. The Council briefly considered their options and decided that they had to trust Ventress' word and try to atone for their mistakes by returning Vos to the Jedi. The Council authorized a rescue mission, and Ventress, with help from Kenobi and Skywalker, was able to free Vos from captivity in Dooku's palace on Serenno. After his rescue, however, Ventress began warning the Jedi that Vos was still under the influence of the dark side.[40]

With his higher responsibilities, Vos was placed on missions to small Separatist storage facilities and listening posts, but each led to growing suspicion of his loyalty, as every outpost seemed to have been abandoned by the Separatists before Republic forces arrived. Suspecting that Ventress was right and that Vos was indeed a traitor, the Council decided to send him to assassinate Dooku once more. He recruited Ventress again, and they traveled to Christophsis to carry out their mission. Ventress was proven right in her belief that he was still under the influence of the dark side but sacrificed herself at the hands of Dooku in order to redeem him. Vos was ultimately allowed to rejoin the Order, and he returned Ventress' body to her homeworld of Dathomir.[40]

During the confrontation between Windu's team and Sidious, the Sith Lord slaughtered Fisto, Tiin, and Kolar, and killed Windu shortly after in a duel with help from a conflicted Skywalker. Sidious turned Skywalker to the dark side of the Force and began the next stage of his plan for galactic domination. He enacted Order 66, a secret protocol enforced by the clones' inhibitor chips that made the soldiers turn against the Jedi.[47] On that night when Skywalker was christened as the Sith Lord Darth Vader, Ti began meditating and recorded a message on a holocron, pleading with its finder not to let the purge of the Jedi be the end of their ways.[44] As the Jedi spread across the galaxy were massacred, Vader placed the Jedi Temple under siege alongside his forces in the 501st legion.[46] Ti, who was in the Temple at the time, did not fight against the attack and instead continued to meditate, and she was murdered directly at the hands of Vader[2] in accordance with Yoda's visions.[36]

It is theorized that instead of the Egg acting as voices inside the corrupted's heads, it is directly controlling Skeppy, having taken over his body and turned it red. He was cured later on, however it's unknown whether or not that stream was canon or not.

A recently published systematic review of meditation studies reported that one in 12 people experience unwanted effects from the practice, from panic attacks to psychosis to thoughts of suicide. Similarly, the 2015 book The Buddha Pill, by psychologists Catherine Wikhom and Miguel Farias, covers similar cases, from having Messianic delusions to mania to uncontrolled body movements, and cites cautions by other key psychologists on the dark side of meditation.

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