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Eklavya - The Royal Guard Video 720p Hd _HOT_

eklavya is in trouble, but boy is the trouble worth it. what a terrific romantic comedy!! this film is definitely eklavya for many, a film that will seal its title as the quintessential hindi romcom. maybe the reality of the lives of the characters is not exactly like the legend that vidhu vinod chopras film has us believe. perhaps the love between eklavya and the girl is not really as innocent as it appears. despite all this, the film stands head and shoulders above films of the same genre. the climax is one of the most exciting moments in recent bollywood. and watching the film, you will find yourself laughing out loud. far from being saccharine, the film is a clever tale of love. despite the surreal climax, this film is a real romcom for bollywood.

Eklavya - The Royal Guard video 720p hd

vidhu vinod chopras film begins at the best possible point, having eklavya and the girl already in love with each other. but as soon as they are literally thrown into the thick of things, you start seeing a modern world of relationships and people. the relationship between eklavya and his mother is quite complex with eklavya very eager to do anything possible to keep his mother happy. even though we get to see some of the emotional abuse of power, we get to see this first hand. then there is the love triangle between eklavya, the girl and the army captain. the army captain is the only person in the film with any personality and a real character, but chopras film does not explore his part in eklavya's life. the romance between the army captain and the girl is perhaps the weakest part of the film and is far too underdeveloped. when eklavya is kidnapped and held captive in a mountain, we never really see any villainy from the villain, ravana, and even when he is at the mercy of the army, his scary face is never shown. then the climax also fails to deliver. there is a lot of talk about the importance of religion and how people from all religions should live peacefully, but the film, without giving any basic clue, has the character dying at the climax. this really isnt the climax of an action movie.

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